Yoga diet: 2 steps for lighter mornings and hotter evenings

According to Ayurveda science your body is very well adapted to the cycle of nature and will naturally (if allowed) follow the cycle of the sun. As sun rises in the morning, we also rise with our body and softly start our day, by midday sun is at its peak and is giving out a lot of heat and energy, so is our body – the most active around midday. Afternoons as sun is softly falling and starting to cool, our body is also tiring and soothing down. And we culminate in the evening with the sunset when our body drifts away to settle down and rest, just to awake again the next morning.

Following the cycle of the sun your body is the most active and needs the most nutrients during midday. Modern rule that is fed in to us is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I would like you to explore to question this statement and start your mornings light. Also with our modern lives we are often consuming a sandwich for lunch and the main meal of the day is dinner. While after dinner, unless there is a concert a party or other evening activities that you indulge into 😉 , the energy you consumed is held in your body storage.

I have made 2 cleansing rituals for my day – one for the morning and one for the evening.

THE MORNING RITUALlemons-167056_640

I wake up and before anything I put
the kettle on and squeeze a good half or full lemon for juice to a mug, add room temperature or a bit warm (this is important guys, don’t pour boiling water on the lemon juice, you are killing all the good stuff with it!) and drink away.

After that I do my naulis and neti  and then start my day.  Normally, I like to wait at least 30 minutes after the lemon water to eat or drink anything else, so during this time I shower, get dressed and get myself ready and then have a good old breakfast – overnight oats or smoothie or Estonian black bread (mmmmm…) and hummus.

After a week of warm lemon water in the morning what you can expect (what I experienced):

  1. More stabile bowl movement
  2. Alkalized stomach
  3. Feeling light and actually hungry
  4. Cleaner skin
  5. No more heart burns! (this was not only because of lemon water, but it helped!)

THE EVENING RITUALtop-view-1248950_1280

This is a tough cookie, so I try to have my dinners early, and this is the most difficult. But try! And because I have a serious lunch I try to keep the dinner light. After dinner I have a green smoothie.

The ingredients are:

  • lemon juice (half a big, one small)
  • grated ginger (as much as you can take)
  • cucumber (half a big or one small)
  • parsley (small bunch)
  • honey 1 tsp
  • some water

Blend it, don’t juice it!

What can you feel in a week after trying this or what I felt:

  1. Helps digestion
  2. Detoxes your bowel and pipes
  3. Gives heat to your belly
  4. Helps to fight cold
  5. A good old fat burner 😉

Also a good trick is maybe to add in some avocado or pineapple to make it more thicker so you can have it instead of dinner if you like.

There you have it. They are both super simple, and not expensive to do, so anyone can try this. You can change the recipes if you like with what you have but keep the key ingredients the same. See if it makes your morning lighter and your evenings hotter.

Much love











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