The best thing about Ashtanga… and its not asana!

This picture is done  in 2014 probably around April. I was living in London, I went regularly to mysore classes in Triyoga Soho and you see me struggling with Garbha Pindasana at home probably after the Sunday practice,smiling.

When I started with Ashtanga, or should I say, when I finally realised what it is, I was fascinated by a lot of things, for example: how much can I sweat in 1.5h and how is it that anywhere in the world that I go everyone is doing the same thing and waking up at 5am is not so bad and that it is really hard work, but it is really addictive. After all these practices I am still fascinated by them all, but one thing that I have seen so heartwarming while having lived in London or Barcelona or Bali or Estonia is that Ashtanga is not only 99% practice and 1% theory, but  it is the community that the practice has built and maintained.

When I first started mysore practice I was so intimidated by this group of people who were all friends and always laughed after and before class. It was not the super advanced asana that held them together in a group, as I initially thought, but it was the love to this practice that had changed them and the sense of belonging and sense of family that had brought them together to the shala every morning. You become friends, share similar ideas, have the same wild and crazy views of life and you get a second family or families all around the world

So the answer is community.


Much love,





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