My June

There went my month. The time of the year. Gemini. All about Mercury. The whole fuss and puff  showed up and was like an overkill or energy exploding inside.

Way in May I realised that I live to travel. I live to go on holiday and to walk the earth barefoot, breathe with the mountains, talk to the meadows and stay alone with the beaches. I am happy single and alone. I want nothing else but plane tickets away and gather new experiences under my belt like invisible medallions. Every day I spend with myself I feel like I am scratching the surface, of what lies under the skin, deeper and deeper. And if the life we live is not for ourselves, then what else more important is there to discover?

But then I felt lonely. Cos happiness that is shared just seems so much sweeter and so much more desired.

Starting from 5th. My birth day, it was a total shenanigans. I realised I only have a handful of friends left in London. Rest of them have been swallowed by other countries or their time in my life was up. The ones who are here, are present and enrich my days with unlimited amount of joy and laughs. There have also been a handful of people discoveries and unexpected lightning strokes in shapes of people appearing in my life. All for short periods of times, but they have properly turned everything inside out, challenged my every step and choice and then just took off.

Then there is family. They remind you what warmth humans can bring to your life haha… Then there is family. The good. The bad. The evil. The tearful. The growing. The happy. The proud. The moments you live with them are the gemstones that keep light in you when you are away. I love to talk to mum. She knows I am always listening, even if I am not. There is then the challenge of why am I so far away from them when close is so good. And then when why am I so close, when far away seems better? There come the arguments, the fights, the black clouds and the tearful words.

Finally there is decisions you make, like waking up at 5am every day, learning a new language, taking up a new job, etc. Decisions that will bring a change to your life. Normally when thunderstorms happen the heat is not far to follow and change is in the air.



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