“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery — air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’” – Sylvia Plath


It has been exactly 80 days of travelling today (5. June 2018). 74 days ago was the last day I worked in the office in London, since then I have been full time travelling and teaching yoga.

I stayed 1 month in India. It was my first trip visiting India, Goa and Kerala. I started nicely with 2 week training in Goa with The Yoga People, exploring Elements though the practice of Mandala Yoga and Shamanic traditions – Temazcal, dance, singing, tobacco and cacao ritual practices. Most importantly connecting to the nature and the flow of life based on nature – the sunrise and sunset, the sky and earth and everything in-between.

While in training in India I was on “holiday” as I had not registered that in 2 weeks I will not return to London, wake up and go to work as I did on the 16th of March. It was just like another training. Once the course came to an end and the number of familiar faces around me reduced, I was more aware of the adventure I had started. I took a few more days as I was waiting until I could peek a train ticket to Kerala, then packed my back and off I went.

I am not new to quitting my regular job and my financial comfort, but what I was new to was the silence and calmness I had within me. First time that I have been unemployed and homeless, I felt that I was exactly where I was supposed to at the right time, even thou I had no idea where I was, as my phone had no reception and the names of the train stops said nothing to me.

I kept travelling though Kerala – Kochin, Alleppey, Varkala, Munnar, Kochin. I travelled to small villages and kept surrounding myself with as much green and local “village life” as I called it. I loved it, everything from the experiences of cuisine, traditions, people and so on. Having done that circle I came to conclusion that moving around after every 2-3 days on local Indian transport was causing me some tiredness and it was time to move on. Not once do I remember stress, thoughts of fear on what will come next or where am I or where am I heading – I kept laughing at myself and my decision to take up this journey.

Once I made it to Chennai, I was once more surrounded by the city environment. I wanted to hide. I felt like staying in my hotel room and not moving. I realised I was in my element when I was in nature, I was inspired, energised and felt happy and a big part of it was due to the environment where I chose to put myself.

I left Chennai and India behind after 33 days from my arrival. I flew to Kuala Lumpur then to Indonesia, to my spirit land – Bali, Lembongan.

I was teaching yoga in Lembongan. I had never taught on a daily basis or even twice a day. So much came up with this and I got a lot of new information about myself that I had never noticed or paid attention to. I was beginning to notice even more how the space in my head had expanded. How there was more and more moment of calmness and silence. Each meditation I took the time to do was a pure bliss to sit in. Each class I taught, even if faced with challenges was conquered with calm.

I was melting into one with the island, with the calm life of an island girl – yoga, sun, sea, surf, scuba, sunset. It was a happy month of lots of challenges as a teacher, but also an experience of growth as a person and as a yogini. I felt like I had more to give the more I practiced and more came back in return.

I am now back in Europe, this time I was in Spain, Murcia. I was a teacher in Rustic Retreats – yoga guru in the mountains of Bagend. Every morning and evening I taught meditation and every day I found myself more and more in peace about where I am and where I am heading to (the unknown). Letting myself be surrounded by mountains and nature in Spain and being nearly 3 months in the soft arms on Mother Earth. It is life changing to say the least, to be surrounded by nature, by harmony, by silence.

I woke up with sun and went to bed with the moon, I bathed with the waters from the mountain and used the energy from the sun. I sang the song of my own life the way I felt right and listened to no-one, nobody, just my silence. I touched the ground with my feet and found warmth from the rays of sun. There was all I needed in 1 backpack and all that was around me.

Your should try it. Just go for it, cos it is life changing and you never wanna go back!

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