Heart opening Yin Yoga sequence

Yin Yoga is an opposite practice to your active, Yang practice. Experience something new, you flying warriors! See what lies beyond the physical strength and the dance of Vinyasa. Come along for a quiet hour to go to the dark spots, where light doesn’t lie to maneuver to the source of your strength.

This heart opening practice will help you to physically open the front of your body: shoulders, chest, stomach, hip-flexors, … It will also challenge your thoughts and emotions and spiritual self – as you visualize and practice opening your heart in your various relationships, you’re learning ahimsa, or compassion, which is number one on the list of yamas and niyamas.

It is a great sequence to gain flexibility to your front of the body and release the back. If your heart is in a sinking place or your confidence level seems to need a boost.

Remember yin yoga does not require a specific alignment, thus the images below should not be a guidance on how you will look in a pose. You should previously have a regular practice with a teacher to follow this sequence and you should take a modification of a pose that is suitable for you! I recommend to attend Yin yoga classes prior to practicing the sequence, so you learn to modify according to your body and state.

Start with a 5 minute meditation. Sit still in a comfortable position. Use pillows or blocks under hips, to sit with straignt spine, shoulders relaxed and  make sure you can release to the pose.

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