The exit to the Island of Gods and beyond.

It has been a month-long brewing for this cup of magical Balinese tea.  I am back on the gorgeous paradise that is Nusa Lembongan and it is exactly a month since I stepped back to this spot. There are many words I would like to put down on this piece but I will limit myself for only a few nature stories and prayers that were sent to the sea and returned by the wind.

Upon returning from my travels from India, Indonesia, and Spain to Estonia I have had the luck to have plenty of time, and time is something that is not easily gained. Somehow I took it, and I believe that I spent the time and still continue to spend it well – being in nature, connecting with self, with energy go earth, with the flow of time and surrounded by similar yet so different people, I can now call friends.

I am 11,000 km from the place I called home last and feel more rooted than I have ever felt. The sweetness of being able to choose your place and make your dreams reality is what gives my blood the fluidity to flow and energise my body so my heart can beat, beat after beat. The work that I am doing by following my intuition has left unnoticed even by myself. It has made me be more connected and present in now than ever before. I am truly here and not dwelling in the past – I am not the girl who lived in London, I am not the girl who was in Estonia, I am not the girl who was somewhere else at some time before, I can really feel the here and now, every day.

It is not a hard task in hand living this life of ours. It’s just that too often are we willing to give away the last decision to someone else and keep ourselves boxed up like a horse with blinds. I wake up to the sound of the birds as the sun rises and go to be once it has set. I have a small place I call my orange home, where I can brew my coffee and I can look at the temple as the sky is orange from sunrise and banana trees add the brilliance of green.

The life I live now is slow. To eat I must walk to the small warungs (local restaurants or take away place) to buy food, to make coffee I must wait until my little tin kettle boils, to hold my body’s happiness, I run, walk, bend, breathe; for my mind I sit by the ocean every day, listen to the song of birds in the forest, for money I teach yoga – teaching what I practice and what I am learning. Life is slow and there isn’t a lot of distractions – no shopping streets and no big parties and not endless amount of stuff that you can spend your time and money on, its all more or less driven what you want and need.

Its also been a bit of a battle with fear with all the August earthquakes in Lombok. The earth-shaking is very not-a-pleasant-feeling. During the big shakes I was in fear to be alone, and when alone I got caught up in my head and with fear. I repeated so many times during that week that I didn’t want to be alone and then the universe listened and I was not alone. There were new friends and new faces. Some more interesting than others and some who stick around longer than others. Life and Universe provide when you ask when you pour your heart out to the universe and do everything you can to remain open to the outcome.


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