Nusa Lembongan plan your escape to paradise

Bali island in the centre of Indonesia islands is a HOT tourist destination for a long time. First time I stepped on this island was thanks to someone I can call a great friend. I am now heading there 5th time in 5 years. Not only does the island hold a truly amazing spirit of freedom and beauty, it as I heard used to be one of those sleepy islands, that you could escape to from all the touristic noise from Bali.

Nusa Lembongan sits happily in-between Bali and Lombok and is a part of Nusa Islands – Nusa Penida, Ceningan and Lembongan. It is just a 30-minute boat ride away from Bali. There are many carriers who can take you from Sanur in Bali to Lembongan, each company does back and forth trips 3-4 times a day. Lembongan can be an island escape from Bali, if you miss a slower pace sleepy island mode, that you might not get in busy Bali.

If you are in love with slow-paced island life, then during your next adventure, jump on the boat and come to visit for a few days, weeks or months, cos often when you come, you get anchored and never leave.

Here are the top activities and places you should consider as a part of your agenda when visiting Lembongan. I will not spend a lot of time telling you all the beaches and top known places you should go to cos there are enough of those blogs all over the internet. Instead here is a list of activities I believe you should engage in when you come to this not so sleepy island.

1. Surf

This one is obvious, whether you are a pro wave rider or you never have done it in your life. Just walking on Jungutbatu beach, which is the main beach where you very likely got off the boat from, you can see 4 breaks in the light blue and small surf schools lined up on the beach. As a beginner, you can get awesome lessons and be sure to get your kick from the sea. My first wave ride was done there and I draw back to that place every year.

It is a reef break island, but from my experience, it was much more enjoyable than fighting with waves when you are on a beach break. My favourite schools are Thabu Surf Lessons. They will teach you the skills, give you the equipment, take you out on a boat and take the very best care of you riding the waves.

2. Scuba Dive

Nusa islands are one of the best places to dive around Bali. The surrounding coral reef is a treasure chest unveiling the secrets of the ocean.

From beginner’s experience, I chose French Kiss Divers and did my Open Water Dive Certificate. The sea-life in Indonesia is plentiful and the first timer experience underwater is something so exceptional that I cannot describe it with words. It is not for the faint-hearted to go underwater to see the life from a different angle, but in my opinion, it is so worth it!

3. Yoga

Serenity Yoga Lembongan

You thought Bali is a spiritual capital in Indonesia. Well, you will be surprised to see the volume of yoga classes offered on Lembongan. There is plenty to choose from, but my all time favourite is the Eden garden like views and tranquillity you can find in Serenity Yoga Lembongan. Best teachers as well as the best atmosphere. Start your day with a class of your choice, there are lots of options to choose from their schedule.

4. Sunset with Agung


Sunsets are big on Lembongan! You will see locals and visitors making their way towards the beach once the sun is ready to set and give way to the moon. Sunsets are beautiful from the West side of the island, but my simple favourite is just by Mahaquiri Resort, where you can sit with the powerful Agung and watch truth while the colours of the sunset grace the sky around it.

5. Sunrise in Mangroves

Book yourself a small morning wake up in Mangroves. You can just head over to the end of the main road from Jungutbatu and enter the Mangrove are with plenty of restaurants and other activity options, but I recommend to book a sunset tour with the Mangrove boats. If you are lucky and there are clear skies you will be able to see the beautiful sunrise over Mount Agung.

6. Food


This is the best topic. After living in Lembongan for 4 months in 2018, here is my top list of places to eat.

    • Best Nasi Champur – Bu EDY Warung. “The Blue House” as I call it, small local warung next to JFC in Jungutbatu. 20180914_124940.jpg
    • Vegetarian Food – Sampan, Eco Deli, Ginger and Jamu, Green GardenGinger and Jam

    • Local food – Warung Bambu try their Curry! Warung Pancer, which is a family restaurant on Jungutbatu High street.
    • Best Nasi Goreng – Mola Mola 
    • Sushi – Oishii bar & grill
  • Drinks – The Sand Ceningan and the occasional visit to The Howff under The Deck is a  must if you are a gin or whisky fan.

7. All day chillout with all you need – Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay mocktails

You can book a table and order a pickup from your hotel. The best place to chill all day. It has a swimming pool, great food, great cocktails, beach. If you head there for lunch then don’t expect to get a poolside lounge chair, they are taken already from 10:30-11:00. Try their mocktails!

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