New in town. Migration to the land of the Dutchies




Once upon a time, I told myself when I was 15, that I will not stay to live in Estonia. How true was that statement! Fast forward, in 2016 after once more moving to a new country, I told myself, I will not move to an unknown place unless I have a job and a stable purpose to survive. 40+ days ago I was on the plane with a 1-way ticket to Holland, Utrecht.

Here is the story. I didn’t just decide to pack my bags after just unpacking them after 8 months of travelling. The decision was easy after I met a Dutch boy and I decided to follow my love. “Love” is a romantic adventure topic that is interesting, fun and for sure adventurous, so why not dive in head first.

Back to the beginning, in 2018 March I quit my job and my life in London and started a journey. Travelling to India, Indonesia, Spain, Estonia, I decided to go back to Lembongan to stay for 5 months, where I met the Dutch boy. We met on a small paradise island, where we wore bikinis, shorts and no shoes, we surfed, did yoga, watched sunsets and drove around on a scooter, living a life so carefree as one can. We fell in love with each other, in a way that you don’t very often in one lifetime. It was special, easy, and all decisions were made with such ease, that we moved in together after a week and spent 24/7 together, cos there was no reason to be apart, everything was better together.

A month later he left the island to return home to Holland, after some time I bought my ticket back to Europe. We were not sure what was going to happen and how, but I was determined and told him just tell me if you want me to come to you and I will. There it was, he called me on the day of the full moon on November 23, 30 minutes later I had my 1-way ticket to Amsterdam.

21. December I arrived in Holland. The struggle is real now that after almost a year of not working in a “normal” job, I encounter myself in a country where I don’t speak the language, don’t know the culture, have no close friends, but have a strong will to make this happen and an amazing person who is next to me and is ready to be my Clyde, if I’ll be his Bonnie.


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