Yin Yoga sequence: Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us, in some areas in Europe already more and in some less, but it is certain that it is on its way! According to the TCM, Wood element is associated with Spring because it is a time of growth, expansion and buoyancy. The wood element is about renewal, awakening and rebirth.

Wood allows us to be well rooted in the past, to stand tall in the present and have the vision and foresight to move ahead in the future

Tapping into the energy of spring (even if it’s the middle of winter) encourages us to stay in touch with our creativity, imagination and dreams. 

We can look to the trees for a lesson in standing tall by staying rooted, yielding to the winds of life by being flexible and agile and keeping our gaze upward and forward so we don’t lose sight of our life true purpose. The winds of Life can change unexpectedly and our flexibility can be a strength when needed.

  • Yin Organ = Liver
  • Yang Organ = Gallbladder
  • Season = Spring  
  • Climate =  Windy  
  • Emotion = Anger 
  • Controls = Flow of Chi, inner disposition, detoxification
  • Color = Green   

In the below sequence we are mainly focusing on the sense of cleaning up the old and making space for new, stimulating our gallbladder and liver meridians.

Finally, the images below should not be a guide on how you will look in a pose! You should have a regular practice with a teacher to follow this sequence and you should take a modification of a pose that is suitable for you! I recommend to attend Yin yoga classes prior to practising the sequence, so you learn to modify according to your body and how you feel.

5 minutes
Bring your legs further forward and fold a relaxed body down
Targeting the outer quarter of the hip and back
Twisted Roots
5 minutes
Stimulating gently the digestive organs (stomach) and still the side body
2-3 minutes
Stimulating the Stomach meridian, front quarter of the hip
Winged Dragon
2-3 minutes
By moving the front leg out to the side, stimulating the outside and inside of the hip.

3-5 minutes
Compressing gently the inner thigh and finding mobility to the outer quarter
5 minutes
Deep stimulation of the inner thigh, liver meridian – the happiness meridian.

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