The juice of the practice. 10 Reasons to practice yoga in the morning.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama

Yoga is a big thing nowadays, yeah! That must not be a surprise. A lot of us are late sleepers or not morning people, so our yoga is also pushed to the end of the day. Still great, but after practicing at 6 am for the last 5 years, I want to encourage you to give it a go to find your AM practice. Here are my 10 reasons to set your alarm and do some yoga in the morning.

1.You start your day happier!

Normally the first productive thing you do once you wake up is go to work. Working is not really doing something for yourself. It is not cultivating happiness as such. Now many of us are lucky to work for ourselves, but most of us spend the days working for someone else. Can you imagine now that you spend the first 30 minutes or an hour or 2 doing something for yourself, it is your time. To be with you.

2. Enjoy silence in the morning

No more mad traffic or crazy neighbors, only silence and song of the birds, because you wake up with sunrise. Did I mention that you get to see the beautiful sunrise!

3. You see sunrise!!!!

4. Better sleep

Our body is used to our rhythms, thus once you get used to waking up at 5 or 6, your body will also need that sleep in the end of the day. You will notice that once the sun sets and evening quiets, you start to be tired like clockwork, once you fall asleep, be assured you get better night of sleep.

5. Feeling good in your body

When you take time for yourself, going back to the point number 1. You will also do something good for your body – you are moving it. Especially if you have a job where you sit a lot, practicing some Sun Salutations in the morning, gentle breath work and some mind connection time will make you feel 10 years younger. It almost feels like my body says “Thank you” every morning.

6. Productivity

Moving your body in the morning will boost your energy level for the whole day. Mornings are the most productive time of the day – your body is rested, and mind is fresh. Kicking off the day with yoga, will give you an extra boost.

7. Healthy routine

Committing to regularly wake up and do yoga, really helps you to get to this healthy routine. And trust me our body loves a good routine. Try to wake up and go to bet exactly at the same time for a week or so and also try to ear regularly, you will see how after a while even without setting an alarm your body-clock is waking you up and making you tired when it is time to bed and your metabolism is also functioning like clockwork.

8. Mental clarity

You will start noticing that you are the one in the office who has a smile on their face. The one who is calm in the 9 am meeting and instead of stressing about that deadline, takes time to ask how your colleagues are before smashing the deadline 2 days earlier. When mind is calm, productivity is focused to reach the goals you have set.

9. Enjoy your evenings

Once your practice is out of the way, is it 15-minute movement and meditation or 2h Ashtanga, your evenings are free. You get to enjoy cooking or going to the cinema, spend time with your loved ones, finally finish that book you are reading for 3 months.

10. Accomplishing something you never thought you can do – #IamNotaMorningPreson

Well, this is just a habit you need to get used to, a commitment you promise for yourself. And it already feels pretty damn good. Remember that the hardest part is to get yourself on the mat. Rest of the practice will unwind itself.

Give it a go! Tell me your thoughts.

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