Movement is medicine and my time counts!

10 Reasons to MOVE. Every day!

“Our brain works 31% better when the body is happy” – Colm McArdle

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I learned this year a lesson. My time is important! I need to do activities that make me happy! I recently went travelling, well actually recently came back from travelling. I took a break, after living in London for 7 years, working in corporate ladder and fully enjoying it, but then I had enough. Sent my suitcases to mum and dad’s in Estonia, took my backpack and went to India, Indonesia, Spain, Estonia and back to Indonesia.

I am a yoga teacher, so lucky me I travelled and taught yoga in Asia and Europe for nearly a year, until I met my boy ❤ and moved back to Europe (Read that story here >  ), now living in the Netherlands. I got a job in the office and every day I still dream about last year. The most what I miss is the freedom of choosing what I do and when I do it. The freedom of choice is not to say I didn’t have responsibilities, but I was not told to sit in front of my computer, when all computer work/ all work is done. I have read a lot of 9 to 5 mentality blogs this week and the best idea I read was around the well-known “work-life balance” question. Work is a part of our life, well for most of us, thus yes, they should be balanced. But what if balance for you is that you want to enjoy Monday mornings with 10 am coffees in bed and 8pm email replying on Friday nights? Well you are in @$%^&^% if you work in the corporate world let’s be honest (again in most or majority of places.) But there is a way.

The balance I offer to myself at the moment is to wake up 4:40  to go to Yoga studio where I spend up to 1h 45 after what I get to have 40 minutes at home for shower, breakfast and getting ready, then getting on my “Black Panther” bicycle and cycling to work. After that time I look forward to 5pm where I can abandon my desk, because it is 5 not because I did all work I had to do by midday… cycle back to my life – CrossFit, drink and dinner with my favorite person or just time for me, longboard or maybe a run. I love to be active. It makes me feel good, it makes my body feel happy and alive, so I move as much as I can when I can.

I look and I feel different when I go to work if I have done yoga in the morning. Yoga is just my thing. The key is that before I do something that I have to do I take the time to do what I love to do. I choose the time I wake up so I have 3.5 hours before I have to head to work to change my day.

Here are my 10 reasons to MOVE. Walk, run, stretch, cycle, plant flowers, sightsee, lift weights, whatever is your thing, like Nike says: Just Do It!

  1. You will feel your body, literally when you have not moved a muscle for a while, after doing it, you will 🙂
  2. You boost good mood. After we move, we feel good, you get into the good mood. Almost feels like the bad move is moved out of the body.
  3. You smile – well that is just how things are. When your body is happy – you are happy – you smile
  4. Better sleep – Yes! Regular exercise or movement if you wish, helps better sleep!
  5. Stronger body
  6. Clearer mind
  7. More energy
  8. Meet people. This is the point I like. I am not the best at making friends, but if you do an activity with others, you have a really good bond, so you can make friends.
  9. Take it to the nature and get some fresh air – cleanse your lungs.
  10. Who knows, you might be wild enough to have some fun on the way! 😉

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