Why you should never travel for longer than a month

After returning from my travels and packed my belongings in London after 5 years with a calm mind I returned back to Estonia. I mean 2 months ago I had a good job, great central London home, weekly yoga classes, all commodities I could ask for, and then I decided that it was time for change, so I packed my stuff, quit my office job and bought a ticket to Bali.

It for sure was a trip worth while!  I am sure there is a lot of travelers out there who do this more often and can support my words and experience, so below are 5 reasons why you should not travel for more than a month and be away from your routine life.

  1. All the stuff you don’t really need – while backpack travelling you will in a warm country probably use 3 pairs of pants – one long; 2 shorts; 4-5 tops/ t-shirts and swimwear. Sometimes you don’t even use shoes. After returning to society, your comfort will be to wear as simple and comfortable clothes as you can. Shopping will become a totally unnecessary activity.
  2. You start ignoring people who talk – While I was in Indonesia, I did a lot of yoga (more than usually), meditation but also just was there and nowhere else, cos I had to plan where I will sleep and what will I eat and where to buy the best mangoes and what is there is no mangoes, will I eat watermelon or mangostens. All this stuff that you always have in your head, all this overthinking about what did your boyfriend really mean and why your mum said that and does your boss really hate you, all that unnecessary use of mind is gone. Once you return back to your daily life, you would much rather sit in silence than small  talk to the rest of the world.
  3. Your business career will loose the number one importance in your head – So I gotta be careful saying this cos bills have to be paid and my savings are not bottomless. But after realising that people who do not have a exclusive view  from the 6th floor in the city and work in finance with one more zero in their payslip, are still happy, alive and fully living their lives, potentially better than you, then your priorities will turn. You will probably loose your next promotion if you say to your boss that you wanna take 1-2 months off every year 😉
  4. Food will become your enemy (applies only if you live in 4 seasons and travel to a warm country!) – meat, potatoes, cabbage, bread, more potatoes,… You will literally wanna go on a hunger strike. You dream of a papaya, mango and watermelon on your plate and a spoon in your hand.
  5. Plane tickets will be your obsession – The good thing is that you will save money, but that money will become a expensive flight or an investment to Eco-business abroad, cos in your head every European should immerse themselves to this experience that you just had.

In conclusion good luck my friends, if you have a good stable life then stick to the 1-2 week resort holidays, cos anything more and you might release a person inside you that you never knew you were.



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